daily report…tary

It’s  my lecture that I love and respect, I will present my duty n this sheet , where I  will present about my daily activities, apologize me if there is any oneword in writing or word placement. My name is Pariyati my accounting students in Univeritas Gunadarmas1, I worked as a Suganda & Co at one company in the area Jl. Mawar no. 101 Depok Jaya Pancoran Mas Depok . I am the youngest of four children, my brother’s name is Marno, she lived in the area bogor and li little brother is studied in SMA N 2 magetan and SPM 2 magetan

the college and my work schedule is very dense , Monday to Friday from the hours of 18:30 to 21:30, Saturday 12.30-17:30, Sunday 07:30 to 11:30 is my college daily schedule. on the morning of Monday – Friday is my duty to be an employee.

Every morning I wake up at 05.00 am, after which I immediately do the morning prayers as a Muslim duty ,after I  finish it ,   I watch television. At around 5:30 pm I take a shower, the shower at 06.00 pm I do prepare for some necessary work and  breakfast before go to my office. At 6:30 pm after those all neat and finish breakfast I immediately go to the house to drop off clothes sister my nephew was a baby to place at around 6:40 pm. at 7:45 pm I immediately go to the office on the road Jl. Mawar no. 101 Depok Jaya Pancoran Mas Depok, West Java.

Long trip is less than 10 minutes if it is not stuck on a traffic jam , until the office was 07.55. after reaching office , before the bell rang at 08.00 I need to start setting up some work. After the bell rings,  I immediately do some work which is the responsibility of me as an employee . during recess at 12.00 until 13.00, I do some activities like prayer midday, lunch. After the bell ring after the break by 13.00, I go back to work. At 15:15 pm I do Asar prayer in congregation with other employees . After prayers finished I go back to my work at 16.30. after work is complete at the . Until home at 17:15 I go back home for a short break. I take a shower at about 18.00 , do a maghrib prayer , and preparing for college purposes .  At 18:30 I went to my beloved  college at the University Gunadarma . I study till 20.30 .  after the course finished I go straight home and go to bed to rest up at home at 21.00.  Saturday when I wake up at 7:00 and immediately breakfast .

After breakfast I watch television and perform various other activities .  At Campus until 12:30, I do  study up to 17.30. after school finish,  I go to play with friends until 21:00. when I got home I immediately make practical reports, at 23:00 I just go to sleep . On the day of week, I wake up at 5:00 for morning prayers and go  to sleep again. I wake up at 6:30, breakfast, and get ready to campus for the lab. I practice at 07.30 until 11.30. I went home after the lab is completed, until the house at 12.00. at 16.00 ,  I shower at 18:15 and sunset prayer. Once finished I just relax at home. At 23.00 I sleep for rest and   on the occasion of activities  for tomorrow.


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